New York Life: The Move

So of course, it’s been absolutely crazy moving to New York! I have so much to share! Learning transit has been like learning a whole new language! And whaaaaat, the only Coney Island they talking about is an actual island 😫😫😫  Continue reading


3 Steps to Moisturizing your hair effectively!

To LOC or LCO, that is the question.

So yes, I am #LCO not LOC. These letters stand for Liquid, Cream, and Oil. There are many debates about which order works better. The purpose of these methods is to keep your hair moisturized as long as possible which helps keep it healthy, retain length, stop breakage, can keep it fleek. With LCO you apply liquid, then cream, then oil and with LOC you apply liquid, then oil, then cream. I’ll tell you what each one does and it should be pretty self explanatory why you should follow my way or the highway! Continue reading

I Graduated! Looking back on my college career…

Hellooooo people!

Tangela Graduation PictureLong time no see! Or nah? I know its been like forever and a day since I’ve posted but mannnnn I just GRADUATED! What?! Somebody pinch me! (Ok not really) But I seriously can’t believe it! It feels like I’ve been released from jail! #FreeTang I’ve been couped up at the University of Michigan for 4 years. Hard time, you feel me? It’s truly been a blessing and a journey. Idk what this post should be about, maybe a reflection? We’ll see what happens. Of course, I’ve got some pictures for you! But words make the post look a little nicer don’t you think?

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A Tribute to Blackness! Okay!

Last night was my first time at the Black Student Union Tribute at UofM. (Mind you, this is my fourth year at Michigan, clearly something is wrong with me, since this is an annual event.) It was a beautiful event, being able to see so many amazing black people all dressed up together. This post is just a shameless plug of  my pictures I took at the event. I did my signature wash ‘n’ go. Continue reading

Naturalicious Hair Shoot!

So I had an awesome opportunity with Naturalicious to film a hair video at Salon Transitions in Canton. It was so much fun going there, especially since I have never been to a natural hair salon.

Sidenote: INaturalicious Pre Wash Look had been looking for a natural hair salon a while ago when I was looking to get my hair shaped but I kept running into bumps along the way so I just ended up cutting my hair myself (yikes!)

Anywho…Wanda is AMAZING! She’s funny and gives a bunch of awesome tips along the way!

At the shop, I got to get a full Naturalicious Detox Treatment with a style at the end. A video will be coming soon! (If you’re bored and don’t feel like waiting, Gwen has some awesome Naturalicious videos already up on her Youtube page!) Continue reading