What are your favorite hair products!?!?

Hey guys! What are your favorite hair products!?!?




Let me know your favorites!!!


6 thoughts on “What are your favorite hair products!?!?

  1. I LOVE Coco Curls! It’s not too heavily like a lot of other natural products and the gel leaves the hair bouncy and free!

    1. I’ve never heard of CoCo Curls but it sounds awesome! I’m def going to try and check it out! I’m usually always using ecostyler gel. That’s my guilty pleasure lol

  2. I love Carol’s Daughter Tui Color Care Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner!
    It’s on the expensive side but it smells amazing and its great for adding moisture to my hair and its perfect for detangling too!

    1. That sounds amazing! Whenever I get Carol’s Daughter I always get some type of kit that only comes with trial sized bottles…which is never enough to actually do anything to my hair >.< I need to boss up and get real bottles lol

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