My FAVE Hair Products of all time!!!

Now let me tell you! I’ve tried my fair share of hair products in my day! haha. But that’s not a bad thing either. The best part of my natural hair journey is finding out what works for me and what brings out my most beautiful self! These are my fave products of all time. I have gone to some pretty crazy lengths to get my hands on some of these products including spending my last dollas to re-up on some product!

photo 3

My super amazing wash-n-go “go-to” shampoo is Terressentials. It was about 7 months ago when one of my “Natural Hair Mentors” broke it down to me. I used to always use gels and mousse’s to get my hair to be curly and defined and they’d leave my hair crunchy and dry (which sucks!) She told me that my hair is supposed to be soft! I was like wheeetttttt? And she told me about this mud-wash. It left my hair unbelievably soft and my curls super defined after the FIRST WASH! I love it! You can only get it online in my area (Detroit, MI) but it’s def worth the money! It’s about $10-20 depending on the bottle (this is a $20 bottle I believe) then shipping is another arm and a leg ($10) but I promise its worth it! It doesn’t lather up…its like dirt…and the lemon one smells like heaven.

Get it at

photo 2

My super amazing conditioner that I only use for detangling is by Curls. It smells like heaven in a bottle omg. And it makes my hair SUPER SOFT and easy to detangle. I have a whole lotta hair, and I’m super tender headed so its really hard to detangle my hair. I have to part my hair into at least like 5 sections while in the shower…but this stuff is like my hair crack!

Get it at Target or Walmart or

photo 1Naturalicious is an amazing hair care line! (I’m also a Brand Ambassador for them) but its a 4 step system that’s sulfate free and super friendly to your hair. The 5-in-1 clay treatment works as a cleanser, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in, and detangler all in one…so your hair just gets the works honestly! The moisturizer smells like heaven in a cup! My favorite moisturizer! I won’t use anything else! The sealing oyl smells like heaven in a bottle and adds super shine! The hydrating hair mist gives life back to dull hair. AMAZING SYSTEM!

Get it at Whole Foods or

photo 4

Ecostyler is my go-to gel. I use nothing else. When I need to slick them edges, best believe I’m using ecostyler. Its alcohol free and you can get the 100% olive oil or argan oil one. I just go between each one whenever I re-stock. I currently have this big jar and a mini-jar for travels (this is not a game!) Its amazing, I love it. It’s like my hair crack too lol.

Get it at the beauty supply!

Tell me what you guys think! Do you have your own suggestions? Or have you used any of my favorite products?!


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