Find Me A Natural Who Can Wash Her Hair in Less Than An Hour!

Hey everyone! It’s my first blog post in a minute but I most def have not disappeared! The semester has been crazy and I’m so excited to graduate!

So look. You might not know but I am a brand ambassador for a natural hair care line called Naturalicious which is AMAZING! What’s awesome about Naturalicious is that it offers a 4 step system which means you can eliminate all that other garbage you’ve been using!

So Gwen, who is the CEO and founder of Naturalicious wanted to do a hair challenge! Don’t you just love those? Ever since the ice bucket challenge, we’ve really been taking advantage of its viral potential!
Check out her hair challenge video here Naturalicious One Hour Wash Day Challenge.
Her challenge is to use her products to go from wash to style in less than one hour. Yes, you read that correctly, wash to style in less than an hour. And not just a bummy wash n go but the whole kit in caboodle. Cleanse, condition, deep condition, leave in condition, detangle, moisturize, seal, and style in less than an hour!
Check out my video on YouTube! I did it wit. My huge mass of hair in 37 minutes! Leave comments and tell me what you think! How long is your normal wash day?

3 thoughts on “Find Me A Natural Who Can Wash Her Hair in Less Than An Hour!

    1. And let me say personally, congratulations to you and your hair routine! It would take me FOREVER just to wash and detangle, let alone condition and just forget the deep condition and leave-in condition. And I had SO MANY products! But beauty is pain! Love is pain too >.< And when you love your hair, you gotta take the time and patience to take care of it! Thank you for reading my blog post! And your page is amazing!

      1. Aww…thanks soooooo much! The compliment on the page means a lot! How long have you been natural? My process use to take a long time too, but I refused to devote so much time to my hair, learned what worked best for me, and practice makes perfect. It’ll come for you I’m sure. I also wrote a post on how to not spend your whole day washing your hair. Check it out.

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