My Baes Are Everything

Basically my best friends are everything. Kayla and her baby are everything. Brea and her photography are everything. #everything Everything EVERYTHING. And of course, shoutout to Kayla and her big chop growing out just BEAUTIFULLY!

Kayla and I have been inseparable since freshman year of college (we’re seniors now) and we’ve literally been through like everything together. I miss seeing her like every single day, but we for sure talk all the time.

We met Brea like a year or so ago, and she’s been inseparable from us ever since, too. Love her just as much! We are always going on margarita dates! Haha.

Go follow Da Baes on Insta! @muvaog and @breajanea

So excited to go on vacation with the Baes, we’re counting down!


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