New Hairstyle Alert!

imageOk so look…I was continuing to experiment with the last days of my twist out (I was really pushing it) But I got a lot of compliments (whether just because it looked weird and people needed an excuse to stare at it, or because they genuinely liked it….the world may never know!)

So I started off with a moisturizer, of course, Naturalicious Moisturizing Styling Cream! I sectioned off a square from my forehead to the crown of my head, from about the ends of each eyebrow up until the middle of my head. A nice big square patch! I pinned it up to save it for later. With the rest of my hair, I smoothed it down with Ecostyler Gel into a high bun.

After going back to my pinned off section of hair, I combed it out to make sure it was detangled, then I sprayed it with a little water and added some Ecostyler gel. I french braided two braids to the side and then I tied my hair up with a head scarf and went to sleep!

The next morning I work up and took off my headscarf, coated my hands with some oil and gently took out my french braids. I gathered it all together and twisted it to the side about once and pinned it down towards my bun. and ta-daaaa! All done! Tell me what you think!?

I probably wore this hairstyle for about 3 days.


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