Naturalicious Hair Shoot!

So I had an awesome opportunity with Naturalicious to film a hair video at Salon Transitions in Canton. It was so much fun going there, especially since I have never been to a natural hair salon.

Sidenote: INaturalicious Pre Wash Look had been looking for a natural hair salon a while ago when I was looking to get my hair shaped but I kept running into bumps along the way so I just ended up cutting my hair myself (yikes!)

Anywho…Wanda is AMAZING! She’s funny and gives a bunch of awesome tips along the way!

At the shop, I got to get a full Naturalicious Detox Treatment with a style at the end. A video will be coming soon! (If you’re bored and don’t feel like waiting, Gwen has some awesome Naturalicious videos already up on her Youtube page!)

I started off with a week old bun that was laid for the GAWDS (click the link to see what urban dictionary says that means…) and had loads and loads of gel (Ecostyler of course!) , but that was no problem with the 5-in-1 Rhassoul Clay Treatment. Wanda first rinsed my hair really well before putting the shampoo in. She said it was very important to make sure the hair was completely saturated so that when you apply the shampoo, the product can travel through the hair with the water (whatever that means, but it sounds good to me!)

naturalicious washHere’s what it looked like after the first wash! Curls poppin! Or nah?

While applying the 5-in-1, Wanda made sure to section my hair off into 4 sections (since its so thick) and also detangled as she smoothed the product through my hair. This really helped later on when we finished and were detangling with the comb. After rinsing out the treatment the first time, she applied the 5-in-1 again, then applied the Frizz Fighter (Step 3), threw a cap on my hair and put me under the dryer for about 10 minutes. This functioned as the detox treatment which really penetrated my hair with a bunch of power-packed moisture! And the oil made it double as a hot oil treatment as well! (Click this link to see how to do a hot oil treatment and why they’re so important!)

After she detangled my hair using the Step 2 Moisturize Infusion Styling Creme and Step 4 Heavenly Hydration Hair Mist, she styled my hair into these beautiful twists! Wanda and Gwen tried to have me sit under the dryer so we could take the twists out to have the final style, but I liked them so much that I wanted to rock them for a few days!


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