I Graduated! Looking back on my college career…

Hellooooo people!

Tangela Graduation PictureLong time no see! Or nah? I know its been like forever and a day since I’ve posted but mannnnn I just GRADUATED! What?! Somebody pinch me! (Ok not really) But I seriously can’t believe it! It feels like I’ve been released from jail! #FreeTang I’ve been couped up at the University of Michigan for 4 years. Hard time, you feel me? It’s truly been a blessing and a journey. Idk what this post should be about, maybe a reflection? We’ll see what happens. Of course, I’ve got some pictures for you! But words make the post look a little nicer don’t you think?

Excited to be a wolverineThe University experience…ugh…haha that’s all I have to say. All these years, and all this money (that I didn’t spend of course, shoutout to financial aid!) but all that for these pieces of paper.
But these were the best parts of my college experience.
I went to Africa! Which was CRAZY! Literally the most surreal experience I’ve ever had in life. Sometimes I still can’t believe I actually went to Africa. I was there for a month and it most definitely felt like forever. It was the rainy season though so it wasn’t all that, and like exotic feeling and stuff but it was different for sure. Truly an amazing experience. I went there with a group of mostly engineering students and we built aquaponics systems which was just absolutely insane.

I attempted to be a model. Man, oh, man. I think I blame Kayla for that. We became friends in the middle of the first semester of freshman year I think, and I attended on of her fashion shows, and then ended up in like every other show since then. THEN becoming eboard members. THEN I ended up running a fashion show, so smh Kayla. AND THEN her uncle is a photographer (his agency is The MegaModel! Check it out!) , so I ended up going to shoots with her, and yup, she brought me here. Shame on you Kayla.

baeI met the real bae in college. His name is Darius and he’s such a goofy, funny sweetie pie and we basically just crack jokes to see who is the funniest. What a life huh? Somehow he still finds a way to get on my very last nerve, but I love him dearly. hehe, that sounds so old lol. I can be my whole, true self around him, and I’m my goofy levels would scare a normal person away. It gets a little creepy I’m telling you…

Man throughout college, my fro went through some major transformations smh. I decided to “go natural” during the beginning of my junior year. I guess I had always been natural, I haven’t had a perm since I was like 11 years old. But i was definitely using hella heat on my hair. After coming back from Liberia the summer before my junior year, I was just tired of straightening it. That would take up like 8 hours on every Sunday (Wash Day!) and as a college student, I just wasn’t having it! So I quit doing my hair. Haha that’s my natural story.

My student orgs were my babies. Omg! Images of Identities was the comedy group I was in since freshman year. I never dedicated so many years of my life to ANYTHING! And strictly by choice, with no end goal in mind. That’s love! haha! That comedy group was my little baby. I was ride or die for them! And still am! And Enspired, lort…I blame Kayla and Cyrus. Kayla dragged me into the campus modeling industry and Cyrus dragged me into Vice Presidency. But I’m so happy I let them drag me all over the place because I had some of my best college memories from them.

And then I graduated! UofM made me into a strong, educated, black woman. I am so proud of the person I have come to be and I am so very excited for what happens next! As of now, I’m chillin in Ann Arbor for the summer and waiting to make some life changing future decisions once I get all my pencils in a row. If that is even a thing. I know that God has nothing but open doors waiting for me.


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