New York Babyyyyyy! Who knew this natural hair would get me this far!

I can’t even believe I’m typing this right now but I’m getting ready to go to New York in a couple weeks to work on L’Oreal’s Mizani Global Marketing Team. Like whaaaaaaaat!? This is INSANE! I found out Friday afternoon, and you know me and my mom had to go up on a Friday okayyyyy.

Literally, this has all been a huge blessing. It is truly amazing the way things work out. I had been applying to so many jobs for the past couple months that I lost track. And then one day, I got an email from L’Oreal. I was so shocked! I initially interviewed for another position, and they kept asking questions about my experience with Naturalicious. Then I started getting really deep into black people and natural hair and then they told me, “You might not be a good fit for this position, we’ll refer you over to another department.”

WHAAAAAT! I was so devastated. I really thought I had messed up man. I waited a few days, and then another person from L’Oreal called me. It turns out she was the head of Mizani, L’Oreal’s natural hair care line. WHAAAAT! Can we say right up my alley or nah? We vibed really nicely and I even told her about my blog! I was so excited and optimistic after the call and my fingers were crossed.

Then, like a whole month went by before they contacted me. I was for sure it was over. Then on Friday, they called and extended me the offer. I was laying in my bed at my mom’s house because I was visiting for the weekend. We were talking about something random when my phone rang. And she knew it was serious by how my voice changed. (You know, yo proper telephone voice?) I said yes without thinking about anything and I just looked at my mom and prayed we would make something happen.

Talk about a great Mother’s Day present to my mom, right? Growing up as an only child with a single parent was truly a unique experience. We really operate as a team and its forreal ride or die with my mom, haha. I think I turned out pretty nice compared to what statistics say about children from single parent, low income homes. I just graduated from the University of Michigan with no debt, and I’ve just been offered a position to work for L’Oreal in New York. Wayyyyyy up, I feel blessed.


8 thoughts on “New York Babyyyyyy! Who knew this natural hair would get me this far!

  1. I’m very proud of you, and I wish you the best in New York. Take care of yourself in the big apple. I know that God has His arms around you, keeping you safe, and helping you to reach all your dreams. Love you more. Aunt Cyndy

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