3 Steps to Moisturizing your hair effectively!

To LOC or LCO, that is the question.

So yes, I am #LCO not LOC. These letters stand for Liquid, Cream, and Oil. There are many debates about which order works better. The purpose of these methods is to keep your hair moisturized as long as possible which helps keep it healthy, retain length, stop breakage, can keep it fleek. With LCO you apply liquid, then cream, then oil and with LOC you apply liquid, then oil, then cream. I’ll tell you what each one does and it should be pretty self explanatory why you should follow my way or the highway!

  • Liquid: Aka, water. This is the absolute most moisturizing thing you can possibly put in your hair! All moisture comes from that good old H20 boiiiiiii! It opens up the hair shaft and literally penetrates the hair with jam packed moisture. You know when you’re in the shower and your curls are just poppin on another level and you just wish you could walk around like that? Yea well, that’s because of that water! That is your hair in its most moisturized state. So yea. Liquid first, no arguing that. You can spritz your hair with a spray bottle, or wash your hair, or run your hands under some water and splash some on your hair. ALSO! Drink a bunch of water. Nourish from the inside out. Shameless plug, you can use Naturalicious Step 4 Hydration Hair Mist for this as well. And click here for some cool info about water and your hair.
  • Cream: So, this is where the debate comes in, but lets go for it. After you’ve opened up the hair shaft with your liquid (water), you want to use a water based cream to moisturize your hair. Super important that water is one of the very first ingredients here, so you know its penetrating the hair shaft. Then all of the other awesome ingredients can moisturize the hair even more. You can use the Naturalicious Step 2 for this which is the moisturizing styling creme.
  • Oil: I believe oil should go last, basically because that was what I was taught haha. Oil seals the hair shaft. A lot of times, people would come to Gwen Jimmere’s workshop like “I use coconut oil everyday but my hair is still dry!” But just listen to yourself. If oil is a sealant, and that’s all you’re putting on your hair, what are you sealing in? Dryness! That’s why it’s important to put the cream and liquid on first to open up, penetrate and moisturize the hair shaft, then you close it up with the oil. Plus it adds a great finishing shine. You can use the Naturalicious Step 3 for your sealing oil. Click here for some even deeper explanation about the power of oils as a sealant!
Click here for even more tips on the power of water as a moisturizer and other strategies for moisturizing your hair

You can’t over-moisturize! Your hair and our bodies thrive on it! You can moisturize and do this process multiple times a day if you want to, but especially if you have chemically treated or damaged hair. In my case, I’ve got colored hair. At the least, I do this process every morning, like brushing my teeth. I grab my Naturalicious Kit and get to LCO-ing! Happy moisturizing!


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