New York Life: The Move

So of course, it’s been absolutely crazy moving to New York! I have so much to share! Learning transit has been like learning a whole new language! And whaaaaat, the only Coney Island they talking about is an actual island 😫😫😫 

The drive: lawd the drive was horrible! It was during that huge storm that came from the hurricane or whatever at the beginning of the month so it was all bad. My mom and boyfriend, Darius rode with me and we alternated drivers. We had some trife (nasty) Cracker Barrel in Pennsylvania. The scenery was breathtaking riding through Pennsylvania! We got into New York at about 10 pm and I remember pulling up to the Holland Tunnel and seeing soooooo many lights from all the cars trying to get into New York. That’s when it stated to set in, I’m really moving to New York. 

My first 2 weeks here, I kind of just bummed around since I wasn’t supposed to start until the 15th. I woke up late and made myself a big breakfast everyday. I got lost in Manhattan and learned how to use the subway. It was great!

But man I was really stressed out. I have this phobia that I’m not supposed to be here, but it happens all the time. It happened at orientation for UofM before my freshman year. I remember walking up to the sign-in desk and praying to god my name was on the list and I was actually supposed to be there. It happened again at graduation and I just prayed for my dear life that I had actually completed all my credits. And it was happening here in NY…did I really just move to New York in a 2 week time span. What if L’Oreal changes their mind? What would I do? Should I try applying Starbucks first? Or CVS? And then they emailed me confirming, sending all that paperwork stuff and they said they were excited to meet me. 

So on my first day, I woke up like 3 hours before I was supposed to get to work. I fleeked my face (did my makeup really nice) and put on my best suit and made my way to the train. I checked the directions so many times to make sure I was right.

I got there a pretty early and was like mannnn what am I going to do until I’m supposed to be there. So I was just walking up and down 5th ave when I saw Barnes and Noble and just decided to chill in there for 30 minutes. I found a marketing section and took a book, went upstairs and cracked it open. (this was  my daily ritual all week) 

When it was time to go to work, I called the girl upstairs and told her I had arrived. She sounded super nice and that made me even more nervous. My heart started beating like crazy and I kind of started to sweat. Was this REALLY happening? She was super nice and bouncy. She took me to get my badge and elevator pass and then showed me around.

It’s been crazy hectic at L’Oreal learning the ropes. There’s sooooo much I need to know but I thrive on craziness so it’s been all good. I’ve made a couple friends and have tried some good food. 

Darius came to visit too! It was so nice to be reunited with Bae. We hung out and went to Manhattan, it was great.

Just a bunch of pictures at the bottom there…

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