All About ME!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! *waves enthusiastically*

My name is Tangela, like Angela…but with a T! I just graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Studies and Sociology. I have marketing aspirations and my hobby is my hair!

What You Can Expect
You might see a lot of different things on here. I’m just a girl who loves her hair. You might be traveling along with me on a bunch of different journeys so don’t judge me. I might be rambling, or sharing cool tips and tricks that have worked for me. Otherwise, let me know what you wanna see!

My Hair
My hair is huge, unruly, colorful, vibrant, unique, all over the place. I’m about 2 years natural. I’ve been through a bunch of different stages, from doing twist outs, protective styles, buns, wash’n’go’s and everything in between. For this blog, I’ll try mixing it up (cuz I’ve been a little lazy lately) and I’ll try to be all around interesting. *yikes*

Find me on social media!
Instagram: @tdubb___
Twitter: @tanggg_
Facebook: Tangela Woodley

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