Naturalicious Hair Shoot!

So I had an awesome opportunity with Naturalicious to film a hair video at Salon Transitions in Canton. It was so much fun going there, especially since I have never been to a natural hair salon.

Sidenote: INaturalicious Pre Wash Look had been looking for a natural hair salon a while ago when I was looking to get my hair shaped but I kept running into bumps along the way so I just ended up cutting my hair myself (yikes!)

Anywho…Wanda is AMAZING! She’s funny and gives a bunch of awesome tips along the way!

At the shop, I got to get a full Naturalicious Detox Treatment with a style at the end. A video will be coming soon! (If you’re bored and don’t feel like waiting, Gwen has some awesome Naturalicious videos already up on her Youtube page!) Continue reading


Fro’d Out for Spring Break

So if you follow me on insta, yea the trip to Florida might’ve looked nice but man it was COLD! Ok, by cold I mean like 50s BUT we went all the way to Florida, where was my beach weather?! That’s what we get for going to Tallahassee I guess.

However, the Fro was poppin! Continue reading

Twists and Shout!

imagearrrrrrrgh! *screams into pillow* life is just so crazy. I’m drowning in it! 🏊 (but I can’t swim doe) I just can’t wait for this semester to be over! I’m exhausted! But let me stop being a Debbie Downer 😪 I’m so excited for this workshop I’m facilitating this week for my job! Everything executed by moi 💂 oui oui! Anywho! Things have been twistin and turning and so has my hair! 😜 Continue reading

Bad Hair Days in Effect!

I’ve been having some serious bad hair days y’all. >.< Just all over the place! I tried blowing my hair image out so I could finally try dry bantu knots. It was a FAIL! It would have been perfect except 2 knots popped out in the middle of the night! Talk about buzz kill! So I twisted it up and put a hat on. Next day, I did a flat twist out type deal. And it was super wet and snowy so my hair just frizzed up! Smh! I need to stick to my wash-n-go’s…I lost my mojo! But I shall not quit!

BUT! Check out my instagram! I have a bunch of pictures from my student org’s fashion show! It was AMAZING! Over 500 people were in attendance! So crazy. I’ll post pictures as soon as I get some good ones! (not iPhone pictures haha)